About Us

        Our company was founded in Shanghai since 2009.Our formed companies in Wuxi and Nanjing, Jiangsu province, and also joint venture plants in North of China and our overseas partnerships in Singapore, Malaysia and Germany.

        Our main scaffolding material including:
        1. BS EN39  Scaffolding Tube and JIS 3441  STK 500 Hot Dip Galvernised pipe and Clamps;
        2. BS1139/EN74 Drop Forged Doubles, Swivels, Putlog Coupler, Sleeve, Metal Planks,  Aluminum ladders, and Steel Ladder Beam etc. ;
        3. Ringlock System Scaffolding;
        4. Frame Scaffolding Scaffolding;
        5. Cuplock System Scaffolding;
        6. Quickstage System Scaffolding;
        7. Post Shore;
        8. Formwork & Accessories.     

        Our main cast iron pipes and fittings including :
        1. European standard EN877 SML, TML,KML and BML Epoxy Coated Pipes, Pipe Fittings and Rapid Couplings ;
        2. Singapore CISPI301 and American ASTM A888 No-Hub Cast Iron Soil Pipes,   Fittings and Couplings;
        3. BS EN545 and BS4772 Ductile Iron pipe fittings, Manhole covers;
        4. Other Casting parts by lron, Steel Alloy, Aluminum and Bronze.   

        With our well reputation, straight Quality control system, we have achieved many large projects and continuous supplying in Oil and Gas Chemical and LNG onshore and offshore industries, Power plants, shipyards and civil constructions, hospitals, airports in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Africa, Peru, U.S.A and Europe countries. etc.  We always insist on supply high quality products and on time delivery as we have agreed.
        We do wish work with our clients for long time relationship with our on time services.

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