Main Projects with our supplied material:

        *1998-2000  BP and Petronas Chemical projects in Bintulu, Malaysia        
        *1998-2001  Power plants and chemical plants in Perak, Kedah and Melaka,Malaysia        
        *2004-2006  Shell Nanhai Chemical plants in Guangdong, China        
        *2006-2008  Singapore SMOE Oil Gas PlantForm in Betam Indoinia and Penglai Offshore shipbuilding  projects  in Singapore        
        *2009  EXXON MOBILE SPT-SPOX Project in Jurong island, Singapore        
        *2008-2009  JGC Tangguh INSULATION Project at Tangguh, Indonesia        
        *2007-2008  Peru LNG PROJECT, Peru         
        *2008-2009  New Doha International Airport, Qatar        
        *2008  CNPC  Chemicial Plants in Saudi Arabia        
        *2008  GICCPELLETIZINGPLANT PROJECT  in Bahrain        
        *2008  ERCTION PLTU 1 3 X330 MW PROJECT,INDRAMAYA-JAWA BARAT  Power Plants in Indonesia        
        *2008  PATIONBRU1 X660 MW  Power Plants in Indonesia        
        *2009  2000MW Power Plant projects in Doha, Qatar        
        *2009  Woodside Offshore projects in Johor, Malaysia        
        *2008-2013  Offshore projects in Labuan, Malaysia        
        *2006-2009  CHIWAN SEMBAWANG /Woodside offshore  Jackets fabrications  in Shenzhen, China        
        *2008-2010  Yantai Jutao offshore Jackets fabracations projectss in Yantan, China        
        *2008-2009  LNG Nature Gas Project in Doha, Qatar        
        *2009-2013  Offshore Fabricators in  Indoniesia        

        *2009-2010 RI Resorts, Singapore ;
        *2011  TOTAL Offshore projects in  Angala     

        *2011-2012 Muscat airport, Oman;   
        *2012  SMOE Chemical Shipbuilding, In Indoneisa        
        *2012  Oil Tanks projects in Philippines        
        *2012 Little India Hospital, Singapore

        *2013  SRC Projects in Singapore


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